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Located in central Michigan, Middleton Farm uses all natural farming methods to produce only the best meats, fruits and vegetables that nature has to offer.

Customer Feedback

Quotes We just signed up for our fourth(?) year with Matt and Anda. We have always gotten a 1/2 share. The vegetables have always been good, always been fresh and we have never felt like we did not get enough at pickup. What I really like is how the share is set up buffet style, so you can pick and choose. A few years ago we signed up for another CSA and it was dreadful. We split a full share with friends of ours, and sometimes we got a full basket of turnips and kohlrabi. So you can imagine that we were pretty scared about jumping into another CSA. I can say that I am so glad we gave Matt and Anda a chance, because it turned my idea of a CSA around. Quotes
Jodie Betts Gardner
from our Facebook page

Quotes We've had the privilege of a share of the beef csa that middleton farm offers. The grassfed beef is of excellent quality. Very lowfat and excellent flavor. While we are able to get good quality grassfed beef from several sources, the added convenience of the "beef csa" is unbeatable. The shipments/deliveries come every other month and we are able to request a hold on a shipment if we are short on freezer space. Also, Middleton Farm takes specific requests regarding cuts and selection of beef as well. They are extremely flexible and reasonably priced. So glad we were able to find them! Highly recommended. Quotes
Sarah S

Quotes Our family has been buying beef and pork from Mr. Middleton for several years now. The meats we receive from their farm is by far the best meats that we have been able to find anywhere in the central MI area. We are excited to see that they now have grass fed beef, and can't wait to try it. Quotes
Dave Johnson
Pork and beef customer

Quotes We had a half share and LOVED it. This CSA has a HUGE variety of produce each week. It is picked fresh at most a day in advance and many times that day. I encourage my friends who are thinking of joining to like Middleton Farm CSA on Facebook and look at their summer posts about what is coming for a particular week. Too many things to list. I already signed up for next year it was such a good experience. And such friendly people Quotes
Debbie Anderson
from our Facebook page

Quotes We do a meat share with Matt and Anda and absolutely LOVE it. (We have a substantial garden so we don't need veggies.) They are always accommodating and willing to do whatever we need! And even though we don't have a veggie share, at the end of the season, we were able to get tons of peppers for freezing at no charge:) Highly recommend Matt and Anda Middleton! Quotes
Kate Gillespie
from our Facebook page

Quotes Absolutely loved our first year! I started with the 1/4 and received enough produce for my family of three and then some. We even went to the farm to pick-up, it was a wonderful experience and Middleton Farm CSA is well worth it. We estimated we made our money back after a few weeks! Would definitely recommend this CSA Quotes
Toni Garcia
from our Facebook page

Quotes Our food was always fresh and delicious...we tried a few things we'd never seen before and were always pleasantly surprised...we got 1/4 share for our small family and our only mistake was getting a cabbage 2 weeks in a row...too much! Middleton Farm CSA is very generous and high quality produce! Quotes
Vicki LaDuke Lundstrom
from our Facebook page

Quotes The Middletons are a very fair, very generous CSA. If there is an abundance of something it doesn't matter if you've got a 1/4 or 1/2 or whole share, you get plenty. For other things, if you don't think you'll eat it or use it then you leave it for someone else and the next person might get blessed with a little more. We had shares in a good year and a not so good year (and we plan have a half share again this year)- but even in the not so great crop year we had more than I would have ever expected for a 1/4 share. All good quality and ready to use. We've been VERY pleased Quotes
Linda Krukowski
from our Facebook page

Quotes We had a half share and never had an issue with getting enough produce and the quality was always good. What we got depended upon the time of year and there was always a variety of items. Quotes
Craig Windt
from Facebook page

Quotes We never realized what we were missing until we tried the Middleton's meats, produce, and eggs! I had never had anything but store bought meat before and now I don't think I can ever go back. There is something to be said for knowing where dinner came from! Plus the Middletons are a wonderful family to deal with. Quotes
Carrie Stephenson