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Located in central Michigan, Middleton Farm uses all natural farming methods to produce only the best meats, fruits and vegetables that nature has to offer.

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Pork deposit


Non-refundable deposit of $45 for a half or whole hog.  Balance will be due when the animal is butchered.

Our hogs hang at aprox. 200 lbs We charge $3.35/lb/hanging weight. Depending on how you want it cut, a whole hog yields 160-170 lbs of pork. Smoking is an extra $1.50/lb, stuffing is $2.50/lb.

The next business day after we receive your deposit, we will contact the butchershop to get a date for your animal.  When we have that date, we will contact you to let you know when you can expect your meat to be ready and find out how you would like your meat cut.  When your pork is hung and the hanging weight determined, you will get an email letting you know what that weight is and the balance that is due.  Payment of the balance can be done when the meat is delivered, or any time before that.  When the meat is done, we will pick up the meat and deliver it to the place of your choosing.

 Please note that the deposit is for a half or whole hog.

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