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Located in central Michigan, Middleton Farm uses all natural farming methods to produce only the best meats, fruits and vegetables that nature has to offer.

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Gift certificates/ Monthly payments/ Balances


This item is for customers who are paying for items in installments or who have a balance due after their deposit is subtracted from the total price. This is also the way to purchase gift certificates in the amount you wish.

1 Farm Buck = $1

For example: Let's say you want to purchase a Beef CSA package for $400 and make 4 $100 payments to pay for it.  You can come here and purchase 100 Farm Bucks each time you make your payment.


You want a beef quarter and you pay the $300 deposit.  Then after the hanging weight and total cost is determined, you owe a balance of $142.12.  You can round down to the nearest dollar.  In this case you would then owe $142.  So to pay off your balance, you would need to purchase 142 Farm Bucks.

This is just one more way we are trying to make things easier for our customers.  If you have any questions at all, please give us a call and we'll happily answer any questions you have. 

Please include the description of your purchase.

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