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Located in central Michigan, Middleton Farm uses all natural farming methods to produce only the best meats, fruits and vegetables that nature has to offer.




Our family has been raising beef for ourselves, family, neighbors, and friends for over 60 years.  Back when I was 7 or 8 years old, my brother and I would help our father feed the cattle.  Those days, 30-some years ago, helping dad with the cattle and learning what I know today from him, are days I'll cherish forever.  The cattle kept in our barn were the weaned calves.  Up at our Uncle Joe's barn, we had the cows and calves.  My Uncle Jim, who lived across the road from us, had all of the feeder cattle.  My father and my uncles granted us kids with their decades of farming and cattle raising knowledge.  I hope I teach my son and daughter as well as my father taught my brother and I.  For all of his life, raising cattle was a passion for Dad.  He loved caring for and being around them, and when it was his time to leave us and join the Lord, he was caring for his cattle.  And we inherited that love for animals from him.  The beef from our farm is treated with the same passion and respect that our dad "Hooch" had.  He wouldn't have it any other way.  You'll see that in our meats.

All of our beef is processed in an USDA inspected facility.

Beef CSA

Do you want to save money by buying beef by the half or quarter, but don't have the freezer space???  But why let your beef sit in the freezer for a year while you are waiting to eat it, when you can get freshly butchered beef every 60 days?

Every other month for one year, you can receive a package of freshly butchered beef.  Our meat CSA program will consist of six meat deliveries every other month.   This is not the meat you will find in the local Megamart.  Our steaks have ample marbling and will grill up deliciously juicy and tender.

The contents of each delivery will vary somewhat as some cuts of meat are limited.  Every delivery will contain ground beef, beef cubes (stew meat), steaks, roasts and at least one of the limited cuts.  Some of the limited cuts include: brisket, oxtail, tongue, heart, and liver.  For every delivery, we butcher steers and the meat is divided among the share holders. Number of steaks per delivery is limited to the share size you purchase, however you can choose what steaks you receive each time.

We have our steaks cut 3/4" thick.  Roasts are 1.5" thick and weigh 3-4 lbs.  Ground beef is 90/10 or leaner. 

Small Beef Share - You get 1/6 of a steer=70-80 lbs of beef.

Medium Beef Share - You get 1/4 of a steer=120-130 lbs of beef.

Large Beef Share - You get 1/3 of a steer=150-160lbs of beef.

Super Beef Share - You get 1/2 of a steer=250-260lbs of beef.

See all of the prices in our webstore, or call for pricing.

Share prices can be broken into payments.  Contact us for details.

If you are still not convinced, just try it for 1 month. You'll be glad you did.

You may join anytime. If you sign up by the 15th of any month, your first delivery is the following month.

Free Range Pork

Now is the time to enjoy one of our locally raised pigs.   

We are currently accepting deposits for our whole, half and quarter pork packages. Deposits are $45 and non-refundable.  The remaining balance of $3.15 per pound (hanging weight), which includes cutting and wrapping, will be due upon butchering a few weeks after receiving the deposit.  Estimated hanging weight per half pork package is approximately 120 lbs, which will yield about 75 lbs of cut and wrapped meat. You will be able to have it cut and portioned the way you like it.


You are able to make the deposit payment in our store.  The payment of the balance will be cash or check after the hanging weight is measured and before the meat is received.  As soon as the hanging weight is measured, we will contact you to let you know the weight and the balance that you owe.

We will cover the cost of cutting and wrapping but we do not cover the cost of smoking or any additional processing costs, should there be any.

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